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Goran Warff early vase Empty Goran Warff early vase

Post by patreezia February 11th 2012, 9:43 pm

I have a very heavy, 8.5" tall clear vase (no color, no etchings except I.D. etchings on bottom) that is etched "Kosta 48441 Warff." I found a vase exactly like it on Ebay, with a $179 asking price. I'm wondering a couple of things: does anyone know the approximate date this vase might have been made (I think it's pretty old)? Also, mine unfortunately has a slight chip at the top. Does it still have any monetary value, or is all that's left the sentimental value (this has been in my family for decades)? Thanks very much.

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Goran Warff early vase Empty Re: Goran Warff early vase

Post by bradbury7308 March 26th 2012, 11:54 pm

Hi Im not sure of the vase you have shame you have no picture to share, But damage on glass is sadly avoidable due to glass being basically impossible to repair perfectly so prices can be very low unless the piece is a very desirabe pattern or a rare model its hard to tell an example i sold a kingfisher blue zig-zag vase made by whitefriars recently and it had two very small nibbles on the rim mine made £55 but perfect one's quite often get sold for £100 collectors like to buy perfect pieces.

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