Haager, Hoerth & Co Zell Charger

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Haager, Hoerth & Co Zell Charger

Post by cookiepops on January 25th 2012, 1:04 pm

has taken me ages to ID this piece which I finally did today.

There's not much known about this company except that it was taken over by Georg Schmider in 1898 who made the factory part of his Vereinigte Zeller Fabriken Georg Schmider which included his own as well as the factory formerly belonging to 'Schaible & Co.' and from 1907 onwards also included the factory formerly owned by Carl Schaaff ..ok I cheated and did a copy n paste on this bit lol

I have popped the text into a translator and what I am getting back doesn't seem to make sense Insane . Can anyone enlighten me on what it says and means


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