Wekara Established in 1845 by Wilhelm Krumeich

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Wekara Established in 1845 by Wilhelm Krumeich

Post by allan.k on March 14th 2008, 6:15 am

I think this vase will be hard to identify,53.5cm tall. No 92 and 5 0. One of my favourites.


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And who manufactured form 75/10?

Post by mrtn on March 16th 2008, 9:34 pm


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Red and Beige Vase

Post by Annette on April 24th 2008, 2:48 pm

Does anyone recognise this one? TIA



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West German Terra Cotta pitcher?

Post by Rob_C on June 2nd 2008, 6:48 am

92 20 Western Germany Handerbeit

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Re: Wekara Established in 1845 by Wilhelm Krumeich

Post by skay on September 4th 2008, 11:10 am

Established in 1845 by Wilhelm Krumeich Form 14/17


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White on black Form no. 70/25

Post by Raine Larcher on January 9th 2009, 8:21 pm

I don't know who this is by. Shape reminiscent of Scheurich but the base and inner makes me doubt it. Tend to think of it as a Schlossberg but the decor is somehow finer in texture than the other two I've listed as such and not so dribbly. Base is unglazed and has form/size 70/25 and Handarbeit stamped imprints. Unglazed red clay inner.

from the top

and the base

Raine Larcher

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Re: Wekara Established in 1845 by Wilhelm Krumeich

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