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Missing Base (no makers mark) Empty Missing Base (no makers mark)

Post by OregonNeil February 10th 2024, 8:28 am


I recently purchased this vase at a thrift store.  It is 13 inches tall and it’s obvious that it had some sort of base that has broken/detached.  I assume that this base would have had a signature or makers mark.

It appears that the glaze was hand applied, but the form of the vase looks too perfect to be created by human hands.

I have no knowledge or skills in the realm of pottery, so I’m curious if this vase was hand made/hand glazed/both?  The glaze has two little flaws which make me think it was human created.

Thank you for your time and information!

Best Regards
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Missing Base (no makers mark) Empty Re: Missing Base (no makers mark)

Post by philpot February 10th 2024, 9:36 am

It is hand made individual pottery known by the standard name of 'Studio Pottery'. It would not have had a base. It would have been hand thrown on a potter's wheel, and the groove patterns made by hand. It is a nice piece. But the bottom looks a bit messy, Suggesting either slight mistakes made in the making or problems when it was fired in the kiln. Pottery has to be raised to high temperatures to complete it. Not all individual pottery is marked. It would have been marketed as a 'second' by a professional.
Not being marked suggests it might have been made by a student or a very good amateur. Making pottery is a very popular hobby. Probably why it ended up in a Thrift shop.

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Missing Base (no makers mark) Empty Re: Missing Base (no makers mark)

Post by NaomiM February 10th 2024, 2:05 pm

It’s possible it’s an Asian import made to look handmade. The glaze has dripped over the foot rim so it's had to be ground off taking any potter's mark with it.

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Missing Base (no makers mark) Empty Re: Missing Base (no makers mark)

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