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Burton Art Gallery - Bideford, Devon - pottery and more Empty Burton Art Gallery - Bideford, Devon - pottery and more

Post by Richard_C January 13th 2024, 8:41 pm

For anyone who might be travelling to or through N Devon the Burton Art Gallery is worth a visit.  40+ years ago I lived in the town, and still visit regularly.  The gallery has developed year by year.  Its small, but has an excellent attached independent cafe and craft shop 'corridor'.  The main exhibitions change, at time of writing (Jan 24) its Louise Bourgeoise and a small exhibition of ceramics made using glazes made with silts from different parts of the Torridge Estuary.  

What makes it 20C relevant is the ceramics section.  The gallery was gifted 2 private collections to add to its own, the RJ Lloyd collection which covers 19th and 20th century mainly sgraffito and 'country ware' like harvest jugs.  The other is the Christine Halsted collection of studio pottery, with names like John Maltby, Micheal Casson and David Leach.  It's not huge, they don't have room to diplay it all so rotate some but its a very pleasant place to spend some time.Their website is informative.

Bideford has a bit of 'history' with early ceramics and Sgraffito work is still being produced at bideford pottery nearby, Harry Juniper (who must be 80+) is still making commemorative harvest jugs.  My parents had one made and I will post a photo when I can.

It's only about 7 miles from Dartington Glass (as most will know, in Torrington, not Dartington) so a combined day out should be possible.

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Burton Art Gallery - Bideford, Devon - pottery and more Empty Re: Burton Art Gallery - Bideford, Devon - pottery and more

Post by studio-pots January 14th 2024, 10:33 pm

Reg (R J) Lloyd was an artist and a bit of a dealer and bought the country slipware pottery and early studio pottery mostly from local house clearance people when no one else wanted it. I exhibited Reg's paintings a number of times during his lifetime and had the pleasure of staying with him and seeing his pottery collection and handling some when it was still at his house in Bideford.

It is arguably one of the best collections anywhere.

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