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Roeginga / Rainham Pottery  Empty Roeginga / Rainham Pottery

Post by NaomiM November 6th 2023, 7:59 pm

   In 1938 Oscar and Grace Davies sold Upchurch Art Pottery and immediately started Roeginga Pottery at nearby Rainham. Edward Baker managed Upchurch, and the Davieses installed his son, Edward junior to run Roeginga. There was a hiatus while both Oscar and Edward junior served their country in the Second World War, but Edward returned in 1947 and the pottery's name was changed to Rainham Pottery. In 1956 Edward bought the company and it became Rainham Potteries Ltd. Edward retired in 1975 and the pottery was closed.

Roeginga / Rainham Pottery  Img_5123
Roeginga / Rainham Pottery  Img_5122

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