Rolex Cellini wristwatch

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Rolex Cellini wristwatch Empty Rolex Cellini wristwatch

Post by Potty62 August 29th 2023, 12:16 pm

Just wanted to post this here for reference, picked it up from my Carboot and didn't realise it was a Rolex. It's Gold Plated with a stainless steel back and I believe it's probably a ladies Cocktail watch !!. I'll post it on a Watch Forum somewhere and let you all know the outcome if any 😉
Rolex Cellini wristwatch 5eeaf110
Rolex Cellini wristwatch 8236a910

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Rolex Cellini wristwatch Empty Re: Rolex Cellini wristwatch

Post by studio-pots August 30th 2023, 11:29 pm

It looks interesting and so thanks for posting.

Now you should know by now that Potty and I need to see your bottom - we're funny that way!

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