Why a Museum Won't Take Your Collection

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Why a Museum Won't Take Your Collection Empty Why a Museum Won't Take Your Collection

Post by 22 Crawford St. June 18th 2023, 12:03 pm

We have touched on this before. If you want to donate your collection to a Museum why most of them will reject you and any conditions you attach to your donation. Philpot touched on the problem in his post on the Ballantyne Collection and trouble finding a home for it. which is what reminded me.

I follow 100+ youtubers and the same topic came up on Forgotten Weapons channel on Youtube run by Ian McCollum - He's one of the most respected small arms experts in the world and has over 3000 videos on YouTube alone.

It's the same problem if it's art, guns, cars or typewriters

Ian explains from the museum's point of view.

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