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Cerenne, Vallauris Query Empty Cerenne, Vallauris Query

Post by Mandaj May 22nd 2023, 6:41 pm

This fish dish is twin to Marie-Christine Treinin's and is stamped Cerenne, Vallauris (sorry, hard to see in photo, impressed upside down under signature) but is signed by ?Bain?. I learn from this forum that one Paul Bain worked at Cerenne. Perhaps it is him, though the style of his work looks very different and the formation of his signature also looks different. And what is the meaning of the smiley or J?
Maybe he did this under Marie-Christine's direction while he had his L plates on and developed his own style and signature later? Or maybe the signature is someone else completely. Posted here for enlightenment and for info sharing.

Cerenne, Vallauris Query 20230521
Cerenne, Vallauris Query 20230522
Cerenne, Vallauris Query 20230520

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Cerenne, Vallauris Query Empty Re: Cerenne, Vallauris Query

Post by NaomiM May 23rd 2023, 3:47 am

I’ve split this from the Vallauris thread so members will see it. Queries in the reference sections tend to get overlooked. I’ll merge it back in the Vallauris thread in due course

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