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Post by NaomiM March 22nd 2023, 8:13 pm

Minoo-ware chawan made by Kizan II in the 1960s.

Minoo-ware was founded in 1921 after Shio Matsuda (Kizan I) visited Minoo village, which at the time was ablaze with autumn leaves and in full splendour. He was struck by the vibrancy of the red, so he set up a kiln and began to create pottery that he hoped would capture the beauty of the season. He held his first solo exhibition in Hankyu Department store in 1937, and the Emperor himself paid a visit to the kiln in 1956. Minoo-ware is now in its third generation but still maintains its low-fired hand shaped Raku characteristics.

(Matsuda) Kizan II is a Minoo-ware potter who works out of the Kizan family kiln near Osaka

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