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Post by NaomiM January 24th 2023, 6:08 pm

For all pottery/ceramics and glass ID requests, please post them in the Identify My Pottery or Identify My Glass sections respectively. The other pottery and glass sections are used for Reference of identified items only.
For copyright reasons please use your own photos, or those of friends or family if you have their permission to share them.
See our posts in this Section for limits on using other photos.
We may edit your title to make the item easier to find at a later date via an internal or Google search

If you already know what the item is then you are welcome to add it to those Reference sections - use the Search facility to check if a thread already exists before starting a new one. But if you are asking about a pattern or decorator and already know the manufacturer, then post it in the Identify My... section, otherwise your post is liable to be overlooked until it's moved to the correct section by a Moderator.

If & when your item is identified, a Moderator will move it into the relevant Reference section and may merge it with that potter, manufacturer or glass maker's thread if one already exists.  

For pictures and paintings ID requests use the Identify My Arts section  

For other items, such as furniture, metal, plastics, etc, then please use those sections. We haven't subdivided them into Reference and ID My Item sub-sections

If your item doesn't seem to fit any particular section then use the General Pottery / Glass / Art Discussion or the Lava Lounge: Show & Tell sections

Tips on uploading your photos (use 640 px width to keep the photos within the comment box) -

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