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Post by J2020 November 26th 2022, 3:49 pm

E (Emlyn?) Bowen Williams -lecturer and ceramicist - possibly originally from South Wales, later Wistaston, Cheshire
- several of his works to be found online - auction house results etc
(Google search:  "Bowen Williams" ceramicist - several hits!)

- appears to have produced themed ceramic murals/montages ca. 1980s - mainly mounted on hessian (with signature) and framed for display.
One online reference (Postwar Murals Database) lists one of his works "Landing on the Moon" at Jodrell Bank Science Centre (Ceramic Review 206 p.13)
May also have possibly featured in an article in  "Country Life" magazine (unconfirmed)

found this individual piece in one of my local charity shops recently, hence the interest... :
- a straw-thatched round-house (approx 95mm h x 70mm w)

Emlyn? E Bowen Williams Ebw_al12

signature on base (appears to match pieces found online)
Emlyn? E Bowen Williams E_bowe12

anyone have any further info.? (apologies if the above info is inaccurate - gleaned from various web sources!)

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Emlyn? E Bowen Williams Empty Bowen Williams object?

Post by kray April 5th 2023, 7:57 pm

I too have a small Bowen Williams ornament - a rather sweet glazed bear!
Look forward to finding out if it is indeed this same artist who created the ceramic montages.
Emlyn? E Bowen Williams Bowenwilliamsbear

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Post by MARH August 5th 2023, 6:27 pm

I have 2 large pieces that my mother commissioned. One celebrating the advent of steam trains, the other the potteries.


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