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Kurt McVay (USA) - plate, signature.  Empty Kurt McVay (USA) - plate, signature.

Post by Yelena November 29th 2021, 1:21 pm

Art glass plate by Kurt McVay  - art glass creator.

Kurt McVay (USA) - plate, signature.  Kurt-m10

Probably the most I like about this plate is the texture of glass on the back, its thickness and wrinkles. Design is bold - but I like it. Colors like a statement, but balanced one, not overpowering, but asking for attention. Ah, just silly impressions of mine. I think the white strip is a winner for balancing the whole composition. Contrast and composure. Anyway, the artist has operating website and in business. When I read his bio I was impressed that he able to make big, very big art glass pieces. Just imagine, wall from the plates like that...wow. I am not providing the link to his business site, don't know if it would be considered soliciting.

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