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Post by NaomiM August 23rd 2019, 11:09 pm

Anagama fired tea bowls by Rosie Tribe, Clay College Stoke  

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Description of the firing by Rosie

The two ash pieces were fired in the throat of the Clay College train kiln. They were put in the kiln bisque fired with no glaze.
The college train kiln was designed by Steve Harrison (the aussie one, who actually is a Brit!). He and Janine spent two weeks with us - building the kiln and the first firing last summer. It’s a very efficient kiln - usually 14-16hrs, but it has, on a very low pressure, torrential rainy day taken about 22hrs. The last two firings were with properly seasoned hardwood 250 on the hobs and finished off with 25 softwood.
The joy is that it is “laid back wood firing” quicker and uses so much less wood. We don’t get the heavy ash effects of the anagama.
The little green / blue piece is the Whitstable clay ash glaze with a little chun on top. It always pools blue even without the chun. The depth of colour depends on temperature. They are usually fired in the main chamber where it’s a little cooler. It’s not really suitable to have a glaze on the outside of a pot in the throat as would run off it!
I am building a train kiln with Imogen Nobel in a local coppice! It will be a long throat (no main chamber)

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