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Post by 22 Crawford St. June 5th 2018, 9:36 pm

"The small ceramic hut Keramiikkapaja Zeebra Finland was founded in 1985 in Tampere by Jaana Turunen and continued making items until February 2008, according to an archived copy of the company’s old website. They made both household goods as well as gift items with names like Paradise, Fantasia and Stripe. You see products by Zeebra Finland fairly often at flea markets and the quality is really good. The striped oil lamps, candle holders and vases tend to be the most occurring ones. Some series have even showed up at auction houses."

From the seller - could not find any other info...sorry

Bought them to give away as presents to 'non collectors/unbelieviers' .....just to prove that vintage can be better value + fun than *new*.

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