Oribe / Seto ware, Japan

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Oribe / Seto ware, Japan  Empty Oribe / Seto ware, Japan

Post by ChaMari December 13th 2017, 11:41 pm

I was given these as a gift from my great-aunt after her travels to Japan many years ago; I received them seven or so years ago, but the trip was many years before that. I was interested in identifying them, their artist and their proper care. Through some very cursory research (as I know little about pottery) I found they might be Shino-ware and Oribe-ware? If anyone could enlighten me, I would like to learn how to maintain them and if it would be possible to perform matcha tea ceremony in them, or if they have any exclusive purposes. Thank you!

Oribe / Seto ware, Japan  12111714

Oribe / Seto ware, Japan  12111715

Oribe / Seto ware, Japan  12111716

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Oribe / Seto ware, Japan  Empty Re: Oribe / Seto ware, Japan

Post by NaomiM December 14th 2017, 12:12 am

Lovely :)
Shino and Oribe is all I know about them too, although they are fine to use in the tea ceremony. There are videos on YouTube showing the various stages in the ceremony.

Edited to add, the yellow bowl could be seto ware (yellow ware), rather than oribe which has the green glaze, although they are made in the same area so could be oribe-seto ware.

I've split the shino ware bowl onto a seperate thread

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