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Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan Empty Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan

Post by cycladelic May 10th 2016, 5:04 am

I visited a local ceramics museum here in Taiwan this week and saw the work of Tsai.

The tallest of her upside-down houses in glass containers stands about 20cm...

Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan B_0110Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan B_0210

This piece measured about 40cm...
Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan B_0310

...and this piece was about 1m across...
Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan B_0410

The museum's statement reads:

Through ceramic sculptures, Tsai allows ideas to freely develop, with dreams coexisting with reality. By combining ceramics with glass, plants, and other media, she creates additional interesting qualities while demonstrating the versatility and possibilities of ceramic materials. The works featured in this exhibition revolve around three aspects. The first is possibility in form. Smooth shapes create richness in the circulation of flow, the beauty of which is captured in the firing process, presenting eternal dreams and hope. Secondly, the contraction and expansion of the blending effect and graininess of glaze are used to create the effect of a dream-like, boundless space. Lastly, the use of ceramics as vessels is used to highlight the interaction between the vessel and its content, extending dreams and hope. By subverting the superficiality of vision, the artist achieves eternity in the formless time with tangible objects, capturing the constant pursuit of dreams in our cycle of life.

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Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan Empty Re: Tsai Ying-chen - Taiwan

Post by dantheman May 10th 2016, 8:31 am

this is the most interesting potter I have heard of in years, I defy anyone to say that is not art

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