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Help - Request to recreate broken plate Empty Help - Request to recreate broken plate

Post by 22 Crawford St. April 6th 2016, 2:11 pm

Posting this for Barry who contacted me through the website. Can anyone help?

Barry: Can any one help me? My parents have a plate with a picture of "Holy Trinity Church WEYMOUTH Dorset" with this written above. At the bottom is their names and date of marriage 24 July 1948. On the reverse 1976 Briglin Pottery London W1 with the AB encircled. This was bought for them by my grandmother who also gave one to my uncle with their names Regrettably this has broken and caused heat ache for their family.

Me: The AB must be that of Anthony (Tony) Barson who worked and sold items through Briglin Pottery. The odd thing is the AB usually made colourful high end hand painted items (more wedding gifts type) and it looks to me that your plate is transfer printed. Never seen this before. Can you please send me a full photo of the reverse and some close in shots to confirm it's transferred. Transferring is much quicker when you want multiple identical items.  You are lucky as 99%of the Briglin production is unsigned. Tony is one of the few allowed to sign his own work.Date is bang on the height of Briglin when they were producing many tons every week.

As for a replacement I don't think the process is that hard. Take a HQ photo of the plate, photoshop to clean up image, reprint and apply to new bespoke plate. The problem is in finding someone who will do this for you.

Let me post our conversation on a much larger pottery forum and get back to you - won't be tomorrow - may take a few weeks as some people only log in infrequently.

Help - Request to recreate broken plate Brigli10

Help - Request to recreate broken plate Brigli11
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