Bretby Art Pottery (Derbyshire)

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Bretby Pottery Vase - Can anyone supply any info?

Post by seandux on December 8th 2017, 8:52 pm

Hi All - hope someone can help. I found this Bretby Pottery Vase in one of our local auctions in the North West of England but can only find scant information about Bretby. There is no number on the base simply the Bretby impressed stamp which (according to the little info I have found) could mean it is a very early example. It has a simply 'copper' glaze but that looks as if it has been unevenly applied (or maybe with age has faded at uneven rates?). Quite large at 27 cm tall x 18 cm wide at the widest part and weighs in at almost 2 kgs. I'm afraid that's about I can say but if anyone can fill in any more information (date etc) it would be much appreciated. Thanks





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Re: Bretby Art Pottery (Derbyshire)

Post by denbydump on December 9th 2017, 10:01 am

The "rising sun" mark was first registered in 1884, but used throughout the
production of the pottery.
They used all sorts of glazes, but I would tend to towards an Oxblood
vase, probably early 20thC. A nice large piece.

I will move it to the Bretby thread eventually.

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Re: Bretby Art Pottery (Derbyshire)

Post by Mordeep on December 16th 2017, 7:57 pm

The type of design would normally nudge it to the between 1905-1920 when this type of glaze was most in fashion. Companies like Ruskin, Pilkington, Bretby, Ault all had ranges. Mid 1920's onwards things change with Art deco's paler colours.

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Re: Bretby Art Pottery (Derbyshire)

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