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Anna Lambert

Post by skipposal on February 24th 2013, 2:48 pm

Anna is one of my favourite local potters and I now have four of her pieces which I thought I'd share with you. Her studio is at the Junction Workshop, in Crosshills, North Yorkshire and can be visited by appointment or during North Yorkshire Open Studios. She is best known for her handbuilt white earthenware vessels and complex objects like candleabras, with applied moulded birds and fruits in a style referencing European folk ceramics. My first piece is a finger bowl in this style with an applied Maran hen that I bought at open studios in 2005. 8.1cm (height)

A couple of years ago Anna began to find it harder and harder to spend all day moulding and painting and I think she also fancied expanding her horizons so she decided to make a change of direction and began a ceramics MA at the University of Central Lancaster. I love the new style which is much more lyrical and rooted in the poetic landscapes of England and Yorkshire in particular. The next image shows her 'Red Field' plate which I bought from a show at Craven Museum last year. You can see how different it is to her earlier work, much freer and more abstract. 29.7cm (max diameter)

This next plate came from an open day she had just before last Christmas. The sgraffito branches were inspired by ash trees, now threatened with destruction so it's rather poignant. 22.6cm (max diameter).

And finally, although I didn't make it over to her MA degree show this January 2013 I bought this from the online blog she wrote during her research . She brought it over when the show was over. I love it to bits - inspired by a place called Farnhill Moor with its birds and birch trees. c9.3cm (height).

I can't wait to see how her work develops! Her mark is a sgraffito monogram as follows, usually inside the footring:

Here's a link to her MA blog:
Anna lambert's blog

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Re: Anna Lambert

Post by Potty on February 24th 2013, 7:14 pm

Thanks for the post Most Excellent

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