Art deco vase and bowl?

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Art deco vase and bowl?

Post by Bouillonblokje on January 16th 2018, 11:15 pm

Hello everyone,

A little while ago I was at the thrift store (in Groningen, the Netherlands) and found (what I think are) a vase and a bowl in the same style.
I couldn't find any marks. And after a search on the internet I thought the round object looked the most as a silver plated art deco ball vase.
But in my opinion the style of the objects also could be related to what they call 'space age' or the eighties (Memphis style?).
I'm in great doubt what kind of objects they are and also if they are related to any kind of style/art movement.

So, now I'm here and hoping that you guys could help me out!    


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