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Post by studio-pots Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:15 pm

I thought that I would post an image of a pair of Robert "Mouseman" Thompson bookends that I sold earlier this year for reference.

Robert Thompson was born in Kilburn, North Yorkshire in 1876, the son of a jobbing carpenter but developed the firm that continues to this day. Making furniture and smaller items in oak, the mouse trademark was registered in the 1930s by which time Thompson employed a workforce of thirty.

The trademark mouse is very distinctive and always has carved whiskers, and no front legs. Beware of imported Chinese imitations, and carved mice that have been used on cheeseboards originating from a manufacturer in the Cotswolds.

Bookends of a simpler design to this are currently on production but these date from early to middle 20th century.

Robert "Mouseman" Thompson 100_8510

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