Lillian Forester Vase

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Lillian Forester Vase

Post by treasure.hunter.D on August 6th 2012, 4:39 pm

This isn't really any great shakes but the artist happens to live very close to my home town and she has received a little notoriety as she sits on some pretty big deal committees and such that have to do with artists and art pottery etc. here in Canada. I picked this up for next to nothing the other day. The shop owner really didn't know anything about it and barring someone who is really into the Canadian Art Pottery scene seeing it he probably made a good decision letting me have it for a song, lol. Personally, I think the design is meant to represent a relief map of the eastern end of Canada here. You can see the St. Lawrence river there, that's what made me think that. Could be just me, lol. Anyway, just sharing.

If you're interested there's a little bio of the artist here:


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