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Per Lutken Glass Bowl Empty Per Lutken Glass Bowl

Post by home30 April 8th 2012, 3:01 pm


Above is the link to pictures of my glass bowl that I have had for 12 years and purchased in Vermont, USA, but only just realised that it is Per Lutken and has the signature underneath.

I believe it is a Unica piece and a similar piece is depicted in the book 'Glass is LIfe' on page 41 and I think featured in the 'My black book' under 'Diverse Unica in 1976 at the very back of this book.

Can you tell me how rare this piece is? , Was this piece reproduced after the exhibition? Also what in your opinion would be it's value? What is the relationship with Emanuel Anderson, did he design or just work with PL?

I value all the advise you can give me,


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Per Lutken Glass Bowl Empty Re: Per Lutken Glass Bowl

Post by Nic April 8th 2012, 10:34 pm

E. Andersen was master glassblower at Holmegaard. He was involved in the manufacture, possibly would have consulted with L├╝tken on the practicality of producing the design, but wouldn't really have had much of a say-so in the design itself.

Unica items were sold at the exhibitions, but were probably produced after too.

It's impossible to pin down how many unica items were produced from a design - I'd guess it was usually constrained by size, complexity and expense... but then I've had quite simple mouldblown unica pieces in the past of which there are no other known examples, and some freeblown 'Cascade' unica pieces that seem to have been produced in their hundreds.


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