DANESI Pottery ( Toronto, CANADA)

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DANESI Pottery ( Toronto, CANADA)

Post by antiquerose123 on February 19th 2012, 10:03 am

Hi there;

Thought I would add this to your section.   I have read about this type of Pottery on the Net, but they seem to be far, and few between in finding a Marked Piece, or even an example on it.  Well I stumbled upon a piece (a bit chipped) but still worth having a *real* example of this type pottery.  An vintage Ashtray.

Thanks  Most Excellent

 Am Pleased to Have found a Piece at all and with it marking!  

IMHO, it looks like the (1936) John Deere logo on this Ashtray but I am not sure if it is a JD logo, or just a jumping Deere.  No positive ID (unconfirmed) if it was made for John Deere???

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