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Post by Calusa on January 20th 2012, 8:55 pm

The pottery was founded by Gertrud Kraut in 1919. Kraut was responsible for the artistic direction. About 1922 a new hallmark stamp was introduced; it was in the shape of a stylized rat, with the letters H.T. (Hamenner Topferei). In 1925, Kraut retired and Klaus and Hildegard Delius took over management. The form and glaze approach was changed. At this point Hamelner Pottery became often referred to as "Delius Pottery". Most of the shapes were designed by Hildegard and produced by Klaus. After the death of Klaus, Hildegard took over management. Son, Peter Delius began working at the pottery in 1953 and in 1955 management was passed down to sons Nikolaus and Peter. Production was ceased in 1966 due to rising costs.

(Incidentally, Hameln is the town that celebrates the famed legend of The Pied Piper).

The blue pot pictured was acquired by me several years ago and it has taken until now to identify the maker. It is 12 inches high and 7 1/2 inches wide, slightly flattened at the top to make the opening ovoid. It is very well made of brown clay; hand thrown and glazed a variegated matte blue. The glaze indicates the piece is likely from the 1940's (or perhaps early 50's). The piece is marked, though only partially visible beneath the glaze along with a shape number 75. I was unable to get the marks to show in a photograph, but I am including a hand drawn facsimile of the "rat" mark.


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Post by vhb64 on August 29th 2012, 11:57 pm

"In 1925, Kraut retired and Klaus and Hildegard Delius took over management."

1. Rawitscher - period until 1933

After the split from Kraut about 1926
the pottery was directed by Georg and Anni Rawitscher until

2. Delius period 1933/34 - 1966

Klaus and Hildegard Delius started their career at Carstens - Rheinsberg
in 1926, went to Carstens - Neuhaldensleben about 1930, left
Carstens and took over the Hameln pottery in 1933, started their
own business in 1934, Klaus died by accident in 1936.


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