Kluk Kluk decanter by whom?

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Kluk Kluk decanter by whom? Empty Kluk Kluk decanter by whom?

Post by clmlightchick on July 6th 2011, 10:29 pm

Hoping someone can help me with this decanter. I just recently started collecting Holmegaard glass. I bought this kluk kluk decanter on ebay, and was really excited because I'd never seen a brown-colored one before. When I got it, there seems like a few differences between it and my other kluk kluk decanters. The shape towards the base is a little squarer/squatter. And the actual bottom has a wavy texture, not at all like the smoothness of my other decanters. Some of the curves at the top have a hint of the waviness, too, but I couldn't photograph it well.
My questions are: Do you think this is Holmegaard? If not, what other companies made decanters of this shape? I'd appreciate learning anything you have to share!

Kluk Kluk decanter by whom? Img_1111
Kluk Kluk decanter by whom? Img_1110


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Kluk Kluk decanter by whom? Empty Re: Kluk Kluk decanter by whom?

Post by Nic on July 7th 2011, 1:07 am

It's a 'Viol' series klukflaske, designed by Jacob Bang for Holmegaard in 1928 (it's model number 14 in the 1928 catalogue). If memory serves, this røgtopas colour was discontinued in 1945.

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