Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl

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Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl Empty Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl

Post by Dorian_Graye on December 18th 2009, 9:36 pm

I'm pretty sure this is Italian. It's quite large and a real joy to own. The spots or "stains" are encased deep within the glass and not on the surface. The bottom is polished and has quite a few nicks. I just wanted to get an opinion from anyone who is familiar with Italian glass, but specifically Bianconi's work. I've seen some items that were signed "Venini" and attributed to Bianconi that look vaguely similar to this that are referred to as "con macchie". I was wanting to know if Bianconi always signed his pieces?

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Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl Img_1423

Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl Img_1424

Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl Img_1425

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Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl Empty Re: Italian Murano "Spotted" Bowl

Post by Pip on December 21st 2009, 10:16 am

Whilst I don't specialise in Italian glass or even profess to know very much about the subject I have, over the years, owned and sold a few 'nice' pieces of attributed Murano and have made an effort to handle as many pieces as I am able (at fairs and auctions for example). I was also fortunate enough to visit some glassblowers on a holiday to Murano nearly 20 years ago. What always strikes me when handling a known/signed piece of Italian craftsman made glass is the very fine quality of the glass and the workmanship - and what strikes me from your photos (which obviously isn't as good as being able to handle the piece) is that it doesn't look to be of the quality one would expect for a piece of Venini/Bianconi. Obviously I could be wrong however the random bubbles in your piece, the thickness of the glass and the quite careless (in my opinion) folding up of the rims do not take me to Murano.

You won't like this but I have seen similarly decorated pieces from the Far East retailing in TK Maxx and elsewhere.

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