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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach

Post by Pip November 13th 2009, 5:10 pm

I think this is absolutely GORGEOUS - the form is so elegant.

A Waechtersbach 'Urania' series handled vase designed by Ursula Fesca in the 1950s.

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Img_3511

Text & photographs ©️ Pip Harris
20th Century Retro/Vintage Ceramics & Glass

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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty How about this?

Post by climberg64 June 5th 2011, 10:18 pm

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach P1000216
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach P1000217
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach P1000218
I liked the 60's cartoon. Is it Hummel?

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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Crackle Pedestal Bowl. Mark I thought was Royal Copenhagen or Vienna but no

Post by treasure.hunter.D August 16th 2012, 5:37 pm

Hey guys. This lovely crackle pedestal bowl is another piece of the collection I am working on. Sheesh, it seems that this week is the week for pieces I can't identify on my own. Anyway, I initially saw it and thought Royal Copenhagen and then Royal Vienna when I decided it wasn't Copenhagen but I don't think now either is correct. It's an absolutely beautiful piece so someone with skill made it. I'm starting to think it may be Asian and that would suck as it would just be another piece of this collection that has turned out to be a copy. This gentleman that owns this collection has good taste but it seems bad luck in finding copies instead of originals lol. That's just me being bitchy lol as this collection is huge and although I know it is in there somewhere I have yet to find the "huge" piece that will just blow me away and be worth all the work this is. Any help as always appreciated. Thanks

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Img_1020
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Img_1021
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Img_1022
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Img_1023
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Img_1024

Extra info from Volker (vhb64):

It´s the mark of the Wächtersbach Kunstabteilung / art department,
in the 1920s, when E.Schweitzer became director of the art department,
after Neureuther´s death. Crackle glazes are typical for the Schweitzer period until the end of the decade, ignored by collectors for many years but re-evaluated during the last years.

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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Re: Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach

Post by styleinvasion August 16th 2012, 6:50 pm

this stunner should be a christian neureuther design...
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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Waechtersbach cups and saucers

Post by vintagebreda December 11th 2013, 7:39 pm

Waechtersbach cups and saucers
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Dsc00117
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Dsc00118

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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Re: Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach

Post by 22 Crawford St. January 25th 2019, 3:58 pm

I think this is the right place? [LEFT] Waechtersbach 'SONJA' pattern vase by Bauhaus pupil Ursula Fesca from circa 1955.

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Dscn0312

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Dscn0315

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Dscn0314
22 Crawford St.
22 Crawford St.

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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Re: Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach

Post by APEX-Antiques February 7th 2024, 10:47 pm

These are two great large plates I have

Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Pxl_2015
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Pxl_2014
Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Pxl_2013Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Pxl_2015

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Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach Empty Re: Wächtersbach/Waechtersbach

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