desperately searched Sugahara Vase

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desperately searched Sugahara Vase Empty desperately searched Sugahara Vase

Post by blanche_aline September 18th 2009, 1:49 pm

First of all a big hello, as I am new to this Forum

I have a bit an unusual request. A few days ago on the look for a present for my mother (a collector for modern glassware) I saw a beautiful Sugahara-Vase from about 1980. The problem was that the dealer put an unreasonable high price on it (I guess he had smelled that I really wanted this vase). Normally I'm really not the person who starts to complain and haggle about prices; I know that it is expensive to keep a shop and so on, and beautiful items should have a reasonable price. But in this case it is different as the price is imho far too high; in short, he first wanted 750£ for it and a few days later on still 600£.

so now I'm desperately on the lookout for this Vase for a more reasonable price (I would spend up to 200£ on it).If someone here knows a place were it is for sale, or a person who would probably sell it, please let me know.

p.s. about the price: I got the picture from the website of an auctioneer where it was estimated together with the two yellow vases for 200-300$ and got sold for 153$ in 2003.

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desperately searched Sugahara Vase Empty Re: desperately searched Sugahara Vase

Post by tammy 123 May 31st 2010, 3:19 pm

I always felt that such type of art can be used now also, for designing several different glasswares that are still in demand.

I think you can little bargain on the cost may be he will give you that vase on your own price, just talk to him once about this issue as it will be helpful.
tammy 123
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