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Help with TM mark please Empty Help with TM mark please

Post by MatthewJohn December 24th 2023, 8:03 pm

First, let me say how grateful I am for your allowing me in the group. My situation is one of mixed sadness and happiness.

A few years back my dad and sister died a few months apart and this left mom in a lurch. I became the stereotype joke of an adult "living with his parents" by moving backing in with mom, which is fine. I am single and have no children while my brother has his own family.

A few years ago my Great-Aunt passed away and my brother and I were the only living direct relatives in our state so we got the wonderful job of cleaning out her home.

Mom has since retired after 45 years of working and to make extra money and kill time we've begun going through my Great Aunt's items. I'm big on research and want everyone to know I REALLY tried lol but as a last resort I found this forum and decided to reach out for your help. I am stuck on two items, well 3 but the third is still being researched.

This first one, mark and item
Help with TM mark please Screen10
Help with TM mark please Img_2611

Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated and would be benefiting a 70 year old widow who lost her daughter :D yes, I know I am laying it on thick HAHAHA.

I collect comic books and mom crochets/knits so we would rather some one who collects these types of items have them to enjoy them. That's the "happiness" I mentioned.

In any event we both appreciate these forums and any help the members can provide.

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Help with TM mark please Empty Re: Help with TM mark please

Post by NaomiM December 25th 2023, 1:28 am

I've split the thread because the pots were by different makers

Here's the Italian pot

Carrot cake is just fake cake

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