Raku vase ID, signed ‘MOLLY’

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Raku vase ID, signed ‘MOLLY’ Empty Raku vase ID, signed ‘MOLLY’

Post by Neil62 April 24th 2023, 8:33 am

Raku vase ID, signed ‘MOLLY’ Img_2014
Raku vase ID, signed ‘MOLLY’ Img_2015
Raku vase ID, signed ‘MOLLY’ Img_2013Good morning,

I would appreciate any help in identifying this vase by ‘MOLLY’
I bought it in the west country in a lot containing two other items, one by Duncan Ross, the other by Sutton Taylor, who are both working in that area. That really is the only information which may be of assistance in identifying the creator of this vase.
I have tried BISPM using a combination of letters on the app, searched the BSPM book and researched the net without gain.
My hope is that someone will recognise the mark or know the potter.
There is another letter detached with a dot by it.
The depth of incision makes it difficult to read but possibly a V or a Y.
Thanks for reading and appreciate any assistance.
Kind regards

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