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Lovely little bud base  Empty Lovely little bud base

Post by GeorgeG December 9th 2022, 4:53 am

Hello.  I just picked this up at the Goodwill for a few bucks.   It's about 6" tall.   As you can see from the stamp, it's marked "PORSELEN" , which I read is how "porcelain" might be written in Turkish or Norwegian, so I think it's Turkish.  I can't figure out the letters above:  "9E-SA" or upside down "G"E-SA".   From looking around it resembles porcelain from Kutahya, a city in western Turkey.  I'm curious if anyone has any ideas.

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Lovely little bud base  Empty Re: Lovely little bud base

Post by PhilosophiaSB December 9th 2022, 8:41 am

A.S. come from "Anonim şirket" a type of commercial organization, like LTD is. And yes, it is turkish.

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