Medalta Pottery (Canada)

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Medalta Pottery (Canada)

Post by MariaMH on January 6th 2009, 1:03 am

Medalta pottery, from the potteries of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, is becoming very collectible, especially in Western Canada. These potteries produced mainly utilitarian wares. I have some pieces of Medalta, one a particularly lovely cream pitcher, that I'll post pictures of soon. Meanwhile, check out these websites on Medalta pottery:

Medicine Hat Clay Industries

Canadian Pottery: Medalta

A sample of peices from History and


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Re: Medalta Pottery (Canada)

Post by narcissus on January 6th 2009, 9:10 pm

Hi Maria and once again welcome to the show. I wonder whether you can
help me with what I think was a commemorative plate for the 1953 Kin
Convention. I know that District 4 is Alberta and Kin Canada have told me that
a District Kin Convention was held in Med Hat on 17 May 1953 called Rattlesnake
- A Pit to hiss in, but I cannot find out whether Kin commissioned
Medalta Potteries or Med Hat to produce these plates. I have seen a similar one
with a green glaze instead of a blue glaze. Do you know which pottery
made them ? cheers

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