Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz

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Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz Empty Re: Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz

Post by chester1703 July 27th 2022, 11:42 am

Here is a bowl which looks nothing like those pictured before, but very clearly marked with an incised Conwy Pottery and a number ea33. Very nicely thrown and turned in stoneware clay an with some clever stamped and sgraffito decoration under an ash glaze. Given where I got it from it is likely to be early, 1970's. I'm posting it here for information but any thoughts would be welcome.Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz Img_8113
Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz Img_8114

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Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz Empty Conwy Pottery, signed Cazz

Post by NaomiM July 27th 2022, 11:47 am

Looks like it’s signed Cazz. It might be another pottery in Conwy, and doesn't look like the same style, so I’ve split it from the Wynne-Morris thread

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