Paulina Mubanga, Zambia

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Paulina Mubanga, Zambia  Empty Paulina Mubanga, Zambia

Post by NaomiM July 18th 2022, 6:49 pm

Culturally significant piece by Paulina Mubanga (or Mubangia, although the literature uses the former spelling), Sambia (Zambia).
Potting in the latter half of the 20thC

During Zambia’s first 30 years* there was a fruitful collaboration between both black and white artists. It is exemplified by the ceramicist, Bente Lorenz, who during World War 2 had been in the Danish resistance, and who provided studio space for sculptors like Tubayi Dube, Masiye Mitti and Adamson Ngosa, while working with traditional female potters like Paulina Mubanga and Dervish Mvula.

(* from 1964)

Paulina Mubanga, Zambia  Eee17610

Paulina Mubanga, Zambia  1597c010 Paulina Mubanga, Zambia  Cbbc1010

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