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Italian pottery Empty Italian pottery

Post by Susiebelle April 26th 2022, 11:56 pm

Italian pottery Img_3711
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Hi a tough one. I cannot seam to find this anywhere. It is unglazed hand painted lidded dish with hand modeled Capodimonte style flowers. It has vent holes on both sides as well as the lid, which makes think its for some type on potpourri or something like that effect used years ago. It doesn't have any cracks but a few of the flower pedals are chipped. its very delicate but weighs almost 2lbs. The bottom reads Rococo Italy, which is hand written, a stamp that says made in Italy, a hand written number 168/e or c I can't tell which, and there is an embedded mark by the leg that is a number 2. That same mark is on the inside of the lid as well. Since I can't find it, I don't know what the value is. I don't want to undercut myself but I also don't want to overprice it.
Thanks, Sue

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Italian pottery Empty Re: Italian pottery

Post by NaomiM April 27th 2022, 7:06 am

I think Capodimonte is most likely, or by a competitor of theirs. C.1970s. I don’t know the value. Best to check completed listings on eBay for similar items by Capodimonte.

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