Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))

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Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))  Empty Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))

Post by Yelena December 6th 2021, 9:07 pm

Good day to everyone.

I have pair of vases which are having a similar to each other glazing decor. Their form and size are different, and bigger one has velvet on the base, so I could not provide any marking on that one.

Here is a smaller one, with the visible marking on the base.

Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))  Redvas10

Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))  Redvas11

The glaze is fantastic, it is a rich red color with a merlot wine tint to it, and in some places, it looks almost black. Upper part looks almost metallic and when to look closer it has many-many little starbursts intervening with each other, maybe some sort of crystals in the glaze. Under this "metallic" drips there is another color visible - olive green, it is kind of repeating the formation of the "metallic" drips, but wider in appearance.
(Gosh, I wish, I could operate with the ceramic terminology better, but I am learning.)
Base is unglazed. The clay is in white color with a slight beige tint to it. The marking is incised handwritten, and from which direction to look at it, I have no clue.

The vase is measures approx. 8 1/2" in height. It is approx. 4 3/4" in the widest part of the body. Diameter of the opening is 1 3/4", and the base diameter is 2 1/2".

I did some image research on internet and saw one which is similar in design of glaze combinations, but with different colors and the form of the vase is different. The seller calls out the unknown maker in the description and calls out the Belgium origin of the piece. Here is the link to my findings for viewing to compare, if needed:

I did a couple photos of the mark from the different sides of view.

If anybody came across of something familiar and could identify the marking, I will appreciate it very much.

Also, I would like to ask, if anybody knows, what kind of glazes on this vase?
Am I wrong to call out the red colored glaze as an "oxblood", and the metallic looking as a "crystalline"?

Thank you in advance.

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Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))  Empty Re: Red (oxblood (?)) vase with drips - incised markings (signature(?))

Post by NaomiM December 6th 2021, 11:08 pm

Beautiful glaze. It’s an Asian import. The Chinese are very good at these glazes

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