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Davidson (I think!) Empty Davidson (I think!)

Post by Sugarthief1978 September 3rd 2021, 5:17 am

I bought this lovely little jug in a charity shop today - Fell in love with the colour - such a gorgeous yellow! Beating Heart
Well worth the princely sum of £1 I paid for it.
I think, after looking up about it, that its Davidson glass and I was shining a light to see if it had any markings when I noticed the colour looked strange, so I put it near my UV nail light and wow! It glowed! Shocked
I have heard of uranium glass before but was still in awe!
Does anyone know a date for this jug please, or if it has a pattern name? Not managed to find the exact pattern online.

Davidson (I think!) 20210910
Davidson (I think!) 20210911

Little stunner isn't it! I am so happy with it! :)


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Davidson (I think!) Empty Re: Davidson (I think!)

Post by denbydump September 3rd 2021, 7:39 am

This type of uranium glass is usually called Vaseline glass. There are also other colours.
A not uncommon shape or design, from their "1890 suite".
They sometimes have the RD number moulded in the design, sometimes inside.


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