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Strange Monk Figure Empty Strange Monk Figure

Post by 22 Crawford St. March 31st 2021, 4:45 pm

So bought this one at Christmas but just picked it up. I like strange things and this fits the bill  Insane  Shocked

Heavy cast and big.
Moulded, hole in bas and cast mark on left side
I think it white earthenware but it's heavy
Glaze is strange yellow-green off white and glossy
Face in unglazed matt base clay
Tall about 240mm
Has two glaze bursts on the right hand size id body about 10mm dia
Has a few tears in the casting , imperfections you can see on in the neck, like where the clay has dried an cracked

Speculation - Does not look British to me Continental? France? Germany?
Speculation - Looks like 1900 or 1910?

Anyone seen anything like this before?  Shrugs



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