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Pilsdon, GF mark Empty Pilsdon, GF mark

Post by NaomiM August 23rd 2020, 1:12 am

Mystery pot marked Pilsdon and GF

Pilsdon, GF mark Bb1f6a10
Pilsdon, GF mark 165bc410
Pilsdon, GF mark Bdc62610

Seems there have been potteries based at or near Pilsdon in Dorset for a while. The current one is New House Pottery; a cooperative with 3 potters: Miles Bell who dies slipware and sgraffito terracotta/earthenware. Fenella Stride with stoneware, and Chris Reynolds making ceramic art.
There has also been a commune set up by Tobias Jones which includes pottery as part of their drink and drugs rehabilitation.
Plus there are slipware pots (dating from the 80s?) with an incised nH mark

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