x3 Stoneware pots

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x3 Stoneware pots Empty x3 Stoneware pots

Post by 22 Crawford St. June 13th 2020, 1:20 pm

Friend sent me these. Posted as a group as I'm thinking they originate from same place

Not British

i asked for better images of the mark

x3 Stoneware pots Imadge10
x3 Stoneware pots Imagdd10
x3 Stoneware pots Image214
22 Crawford St.
22 Crawford St.

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x3 Stoneware pots Empty Re: x3 Stoneware pots

Post by studio-pots June 13th 2020, 2:37 pm

Without the "additions" the glaze and surface effect looks similar to one that Waistel Cooper used.

I don't know where Waistel got the idea from but it could be from the same source.

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