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Ellgreave. Empty Ellgreave.

Post by Grumpy Grandad on Mon Mar 02, 2020 3:28 am

An Ellgreave Midas-shape two-handled vase, circa 1930s. I've had a couple of Ellgreave vases from this period, plus a large piggy bank, but this is the only piece I still own.
Although the pots themselves tend to be nicely shaped they do suffer from the glaze flaking. I've no idea why, but I'd guess that either they used a glaze that didn't adhere well to the quite gritty, chalky white clay, or that the glaze itself was prone to excessive shrinkage as it dried out over the years. The decoration is all hand-painted.
It does have one claim to fame, though. In Eastenders, Dot Cotton has an Ellgreave vase on a shelf in her kitchen.

Ellgreave. 20200238
Ellgreave. 20200239
Ellgreave. 20200241
Ellgreave. 20200240

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