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Post by Sugarthief1978 November 17th 2019, 5:19 pm

I just wondered if anyone knows what era this glass bowl is from please.. I dont even know country of origin.. I have had it a while and just like it but never known.
Its cranberry coloured... not dark red like the base pic looks like. The edges are clear glass.
Any help appreciated please!
I picked it up from car boot a couple of years ago for pence because it caught my eye. I am like a magpie for pretty things! Beating Heart

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Post by chasdevlin November 18th 2019, 12:49 pm

Certainly Victorian in style (1880s-90s), but bare in mind that some Victorian styles were carried on well into the next century, indeed some glassmakers never stopped making Victorian style glass!
I'm afraid I have little idea of maker, but I'd probably start with some of the Stourbridge makers.
You could try the glassmessages board as well. Good luck!

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