Foster's Redruth Vase

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Foster's Redruth Vase Empty Foster's Redruth Vase

Post by potterymad62 September 1st 2019, 3:13 pm

Very nice hand thrown Foster's Pottery vase. Decorated with blue and orange glazes on a red earthenware body. This pot was made at there West Tolgus site (Tesco Petrol Station) below Redruth Secondary School, Cornwall and dates from the 1960s - 1970s. Most of there output was domestic and produced from rubber moulds, they did produce some hand thrown stoneware and have seen some popping up charity shops over last couple years, did not purchase any due much damage. This looks like a experimental piece going by the pops in the glaze, lovely colours.

Foster's Redruth Vase Imgp2526
Foster's Redruth Vase Imgp2528
Foster's Redruth Vase Imgp2527Foster's Redruth Vase Imgp2529
Foster's Redruth Vase Imgp2530Foster's Redruth Vase Imgp2531

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