Muriel Macintyre, Nairn Pottery

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Muriel Macintyre, Nairn Pottery Empty Muriel Macintyre, Nairn Pottery

Post by NaomiM August 23rd 2019, 2:17 pm

Just copying this info off an ID thread, from Chas Macintyre about his mother's Nairn Pottery

ChasMac wrote:Hi, mothers... Nairn Pottery.
She did produce molds....

signatures are :-

NP with the end of the N being the upright of the P
Nairn and a year date eg '77
MM for muriel macintyre
Symon for Symon Macintyre
RB - Roddy Butler
MA - Martin Ashford
Butterfly Imprint from her signet ring on her porcelain work

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