Salad bowl marked MS

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Salad bowl marked MS Empty Salad bowl marked MS

Post by touchdry on March 5th 2019, 11:11 am

Salad bowl marked MS Ms111

Salad bowl marked MS Msbowl10

Salad bowl marked MS Msbowl11

Bonjour tous,

I bought this unassuming bowl in the UK some time ago. I thought the mark was American ... but perhaps someone here can shed light on this?

Can someone tell me what kind of glaze this is?

It stands 4" high with a diameter of 9".

There are a couple of wobbly bits to the glaze done before firing, otherwise its a useful bowl.

The mark appears to be like a cartoon 'flash' with MS inside including two dots - one of which is above the M, the other is in the lower part of the S.

Thanks for looking! Cheeky

Oh ... and if I have already asked about this, please accept my apologies, delete the thread ... and I will change my meds! Insane

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