Double Marked Scraffiti Stoneware Vase - G (Backwards K) ??

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Double Marked Scraffiti Stoneware Vase - G (Backwards K) ??

Post by MCWebs on February 14th 2019, 2:13 am

Havn't much of a clue about this one the mark has faded but I think after much scrutiny it looks like it could be a G and a Backwards K the other mark is totally unreadable but in a very long oblong (i hope that helps) Sorry about my Paint skills but I've tried to trace a better indication of the mark - I may have read it wrong as it is faded somewhat... Any Ideas - It's very well potted and I love the decoration very milky glaze too which i think is smashing... would love to find out who made it...

Remembered to take a picture of my bottom this time... (even though its got a few scratch marks on it!)... :)

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