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Post by John925 on September 14th 2018, 12:43 pm

Just came across these in a pot in my workshop. I am showing just out of interest and intend to give then to Russel as I would not like them to be sold and then glazed and passed off as Joan/Guy's work

Biscuit fired and given to me to glaze. I forgot they were here and in any case I would have stated glazed by me if I had glazed them. Its may be of interest to people to see them in their raw state as it were.

What fascinated me was how Guy glazed these sort of beads. He would stand them on end with a small area bare of any glaze in order to stop them fusing to the kiln bat. A very slow and laborious task. Maybe thats why I didnt attempt to glaze them. How he kept some upright is a mystery. I did at one time explore the possibility of stringing them on a high melting point wire but the wire sagged so they would have fused together. Even bat wash can fail to prevent fusing. All the more reason to admire the skill of Guy Sydenham as a master potter  Sydenham Beads  Joans_10

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