Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine

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Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine Empty Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine

Post by J2020 on October 24th 2017, 11:34 pm

Hoping some knowledgable person might be able to enlighten me about a hollow, blue-and-white figurine I purchased a while ago.

I think it may be of a (male?) rat (or mouse) dressed in fine clothes, either leaning against, or holding a sack fastened with a bow. (see photos)

Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine Russia11
Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine Russia10

I believe it is made of porcelain as it has a high-pich "ting" when tapped, and is moderately translucent - (unless you know differently!)
- and stands approx. 100mm tall, and is 70mm wide at the base.

There are no factory stamps or impressed marks other than a rather blurred handpainted signature on the base
- in Cyrillic script - which I read (with difficulty - and probably incorrectly!) as:  глущенка шулина
(which Google Translate transliterated as Glushenka Shulina..?) - which may be the artist's name rather than a factory - but
Google couldn't decide whether it was Ukranian or Russian! (variations in script... and my interpretation/transcription)

- Searching the web for Russian blue-and-white animal figurines threw up Gzhel (ГЖЕЛЪ) as a strong possibility,
but most (if not all) of their pieces are readily identifiable by the factory stamp, but the decoration style looks
different to others I've looked at. Other pieces were stamped as made in Russia.

- any suggestions as to the manufacturer and when it might have been made?
- is this figure meant to represent a traditional character or folk-tale? - and are there others?

Thanks in advance.

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Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine Empty Re: Russian? blue-and-white rat figurine

Post by NaomiM on October 25th 2017, 1:01 am

It might well be Russian. A lot of blue and white porcelain figurines have come out of Russia since the 90s

Just my personal opinion, take it or leave it.

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